1. The cornerstone of my family lies in the strength of our women.The feminine role is a force that has no equal. A family weaves like a sinew which represents a vessel of an active family. Families are reliant upon the firm support of their women.
  2.  Aunty’s clamoring melodies frequently reverberated across the village from dusk to dawn. Her hard mat and pate log instrument being the only noises audible across the village. Instruments obliged thoroughly with the demands she repeatedly ordered the dancers “You need to sway gently like a traditional Samoan female dancer, relax your shoulders and vamp like a girl, not a boy selling bananas on the side of the road! Again!” she chastised with a sudden glare.
  3. I’d carry a Colgate in my Nautica satchel. Every meeting was not in Papauta. It was harshly somewhere else. It was as if we had just met. Boy sees girl and bam! We’re in love.
  4. “See you when you get there” by Coolio was already taken for, like, nine other dedications during the time we were racing to dial “7000” over and over. When all the options were out the window, the deejay would hang up, fed-up with our protests of knowing a song before anyone who had made it through before us. In the end, we chose the song “Mafaufau tasi” by RSA.
  5. Like that one day at church while she was having a conversation with another woman. Ontee reached into her own purse and gave the woman a piece of PK chewing gum. When the woman walked away, Ontee Tali turned to me and whispered, “That gum is going to die in her mouth slowly. Rest in peace, PK.”

Counting days now for the release of my next book #PintailFoundation.


Pic Credits: Exposed Photography Samoa



Pintail Foundation Excerpts

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