How the First Woman Was Elected to U.S. National Office, Exactly 100 Years Ago — TIME

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On the eve of the Election Day that will cap Hillary Clinton’s campaign as the first-ever woman nominated for President of the United States by a major party, the U.S. marks an important anniversary in the history that made Clinton’s run possible. It was precisely a century ago, on Nov. 7, 1916, that Montana’s Jeannette…

via How the First Woman Was Elected to U.S. National Office, Exactly 100 Years Ago — TIME

Interesting read, yet it takes one great leader to make a difference and to also remind women, that sky’s not the limit. If Hillary wins, she’ll not only become the first woman President in the United States of America, but also the first Secretary of State and First lady to become a President.

While the ongoing battle in campaign ads continues, there is that feeling of hope, regardless of bygones and issues discussed among people. With insurmountable faith, there is yet still hope for America, that while its citizens are dialoguing among themselves, meme’ing the should’ve’s, could’ve’s and would’ve’s – the whole world observes in riots or in silence the outcome for elections in just two days.

History will play itself, regardless. Whether Clinton or Trump will win, it’s still history playing right before our eyes. I believe Hillary’s going to win. Not because of any doubts or thoughts, but I’ve said it and know it.

Hillary will win, and history will revel among this long cycle of campaigning.


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