(Any diet feeds or suggestions? Good Reads) by TIME)This is the Best Way to Prevent Holiday Binge Eating — TIME

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When it comes to holiday weight gain, the problem isn’t just one or two big meals; it’s the drawn-out stream of constant parties, cookies, dinners, leftovers, and “special occasions” throughout the entire season. Even just a few days of overindulging can have real effects—not just on your waistline, but on other ways overdoing it can…

via This is the Best Way to Prevent Holiday Binge Eating — TIME


This will be a tough battle to bear for families, as it is mainly a course of action for all on one day in the year to savor all bites for the occasion. Unfortunately, in this little town we’re currently residing in, not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving.

With Native tribal nations adding in to the population count for the city, they prefer to  hunt for deer during the Thanksgiving weekend. There is a belief that since Mayflower settled in Murica back in the days, Native Tribes encountered grief and mischief during their first experience with settlers. Some were killed, and a widespread of massacre occurred during Christopher Columbus’ visit to Murica. With that particular incident, Native Indians do not celebrate Christopher Columbus or Thanksgiving.

As a Samoan, I’ve learned to carry on the traditions of my ancestors – from preparing meals for my family and welcoming friends over for a hot dish. With meals of all sorts added in to my menu – it leaves behind space to add in to the occasional menu of turkey, stuffing, ham and green bean casserole. From my traditional dishes, I will have Samoan chop suey,  taros, bananas, raw fish mixed with coconut milk and plenty desserts from pudding and more.

This year is different however. I am hosting Thanksgiving with my mother and siblings in town. So I’ll be cooking more. I found an important label reading to be a consideration for my cooking. Instead of oily seasonings and butter, I found other ways to paste the turkey as an alternative for healthy eating. It’s an inconvenience especially when it seems different, but it’ll work out well where everyone gets to enjoy all the dishes without catching a food coma after, although it’s impossible not to.

I am looking forward to it and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving with your friends and families!


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