Review: I was Amelia Earhart

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Just read this book by Jane Mendelsohn.

Very intellectual as she imagines a destiny while insinuating Amelia Earhart’s adventure until the pilot crashed with her navigator Noonan, in New Guinea, Pacific Ocean. Everyone have their own theories and I find this book thoroughly convincing of a heroine in comparison to another heroine.

Aside from the imagined destiny, I fathomed how the reader shared about the atolls of the Pacific Ocean. New Guinea stood out more for its allowed practices of cannibalism in the 1930’s. 

I think that was a picture of Howland Island on her cover, and it triggered a lot of curiosity about navigations, settlements and travelers in the past, during a time when cannibalism was practiced around that timeline.

Amelia didn’t crash in New Guinea, though. She crashed in the island of Kiribati around 1937, brother to the Cannibal isles now known as Fiji. I thought of cannibalism and made it more intriguing to read Jane Mendelsohn’s book.

Creative Writing! Thinking about cannibalism gnawed the hell out of my appetite.