Reflections of Saturdays in the Samoan islands

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Besides the loud 2AP announcements from the radio, the clacking sounds of hammers, lawn mowers, and woods from the cooking huts – are the noises that reverberates normally across a Samoan village on Saturdays. At least where I grew up, around the neighborly areas, a weekend is a day to do extra work around the house, and to prepare for Sunday and the week ahead.

The umu, or outdoor cooking hut is always a priority for the men, because Sundays are most notably an important day to cook up all sorts of meals for a family to enjoy after church service. Aside from the cooking preparations, women sweep, clean and take care of the laundry before the sun rises. That way, as usual, the clothes are readily pinned up on laundry lines while anticipating the sunrise heat to dry.

Men also visit farms to clean and bring loads of produce to cook on Sunday. Their loads mainly consists of food, and wood used to prepare the meals. When all the cleaning and Sunday preparations are done, then breakfast will be served – usually around an hour close to noon. No one ever eats breakfast before any chores in Samoa. All chores must be done before eating. Sweat comes before eating. The important thing to any family is getting all the chores out of the way, before sunrise.

And it always works like an early bird for a Samoan.