One of the things I teach my child everyday is to “Be Kind” to anyone. She doesn’t know why I always remind her of this, but in the latter, always agree that it is the best way to make friends and avoid getting into trouble.

My reasons for encouraging my child to “Be Kind” is the fact that while growing up, these were the reminders my parents always encouraged my siblings and I to oblige with. They knew that the only way we’d get over barriers and obstacles in life – without them around- was to teach us to be kind and to always remember to “do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.”

That never failed me while growing up. I don’t believe it’ll fail my child now and in the future. Teaching a child to be kind to others is not setting their future up for failure.

They’ll pass on the respect with an aspiration to model good behaviors for others. Too often we are compounded with issues and problems in this world and come to question discipline and theories of approaches for behaviors – as to why the behaviors of our children seem to inflate the goals and vision made to make a difference in societies and school districts.

But the only thing I can share with the world which I know has worked for me is…Kindness. Teach and Spread Kindness!

What I know as a parent may work for someone else. How I encourage my child to do good to others may not only mitigate concerns and uprising problems; but can also plant a seed of ripple folds of goodness others can model forever.





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