You ever stayed up late at night and all of a sudden morph into this sudden worry? It happened to me one night after tossing and turning in my sleep. Not wanting to wake up my family, I got out of bed. I settled out on my guest room loveseat with my cup of coffee. My dog Glenn had followed me into the guest room, and Lo and behold, there was no way I could escape from him.

I put my coffee on the table and wandered off to every memory I could find on the items placed around my home. From places we traveled, to every memory displayed by the pictures on the walls to little gifts gathering dust on the opulent items placed in our living room. I recalled many, but the ones I cherished more were those of pictures with friends and families we met along the way since our moves in several locations.

I glanced all around and realized how much we’ve held on to many items from military coins, flags, plaques, trophies and appreciation gifts from friends we made along the way. We even held onto many souvenirs from NFL teams to flags, key chains and fridge placards of the 50 states and travelocity stops in different countries. The memories still entertains us from the uncaving walls of my house. My temporary house exactly.

I glanced around the guest room. There was the beautiful picture of us in our military uniforms in Texas awaiting our next flight to Budapest. The framed photograph my sister had sent me of my baby picture. A collection of the green Rachael Ray pots and pans from my mother in law.

Everywhere I looked, I saw something to be thankful for. Two of my favorite gold vases from old Lebanon. A stemless wine cup filled with puka shells collected from the back of my house in Laulii. Godinger serenade holders from a house-warming party in Colorado. A porcelain super-sized coffee cup with the name of an old unit we had both served in. Even the coffee I was drinking – it had came from a care package I received from my family members in Oahu during our recent vacation to Tutuila. Then there was Glenn, my heeler-mix puppy who didn’t have a family that we rescued from an animal shelter, by my side.

What’s one night burning that midnight oil compared to a lifetime of blessings? I swiped my Alcatel to unlock my smartphone, and messaged all the people I was grateful to. I checked on all of them.  Even called my Dad to listen to him tell stories at 2AM. My messages were long, the phone call with Dad was long, but my worries had receded. In such good good company, it turned out to be no biggie. I just didn’t realize how blessed I was. Fa’afetai Iesu!


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Midnight Oil

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