Quiz: Can You Pass a Fourth-Grade Science Test? — TIME

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This issue had me question the level and initial goal of standardized tests for students….What do you think of tests for diverse students?  For me, I have bones to pick about this… Read below

Science is always advancing—but kids still need to start with the basics, from how animals are born to the way electricity flows. The National Assessment of Educational Progress, which measures students’ science knowledge, tests those topics and more—and the most recent results show that U.S. fourth-graders improved their scores in 2015 compared to 2009, when…

via Quiz: Can You Pass a Fourth-Grade Science Test? — TIME

I think tests were only used to justify genetic theories written by polygenists and monogenists.  It is accurate that these tests are determined to be irrational that environmental factors are affecting the gap, not genetics. The only reason why there is a lower percentage of diverse students who achieved higher scores for any test  is that the systems were historically equipped not to allow diverse students in most schools—not because diverse students are less intelligent.

We must be reminded that tests are faulty indicators of student potential, but does not connect to anything nor does it interpret student abilities and talents. Must I add, it cannot measure all talents that a student has nor can it measure the types of intelligence that exists. It makes no sense at all. 75% believes that these test were strictly developed in the earlier days of restricting minorities from certain institutions.

Nowadays, times have extremely changed. Laws and policies have been adjusted to proactively enforce equality, and thorough explanation of segmented theories are being approached and brought to light in lieu of the racial theories that were once practiced way back then. Standardized tests should not be administered to determine the potential of students. There is successful inclusion today. If there isn’t one reform inclusion, then we wouldn’t have to still bubble in our ethnic backgrounds on a test.