Review: The Girl in the Moon Circle

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The Girl in the Moon Circle
Author: Sia Figiel
Review by: Lynn P.A.

“The Girl in the Moon Circle,” offers a generous serving of laugh-out-loud moments – as the author extends an astute range of brilliant short stories in this 149-page book.
It includes my favorite circle song on Page 1: “I want to taki taki, to taki taki pea.” And concludes with another one of my favorite at page 149: “Ingki-ingki-ongki, tedi do a dongki(inky inky monkey, keli pua kali… or so, as I thought at six yrs old.)

The setting of each story captures a familiar realm any Polynesian would find enthusiastic and “dead on” relatable. Figiel perceives precise and witty evocation of the regular, sweet mind-boggling routines and everyday life in Samoa around dialogues which fittingly resonate with the right audience: the neighbor’s delectable sua pisupo, prayers before a meal, wedding dreams meaning the opposite(death) and Iona love letters.

I fathomed how the book explicitly and poetically describes the fabulous Macay and Lux bars of soap all Samoans used from Aussie or New Zealand.The little satirical tales -most importantly- eloquently expresses significant taboos tucked in a threshold of unnotable subjects. Mainly those which discusses the lives of young women.
Figiel writes with a piercing eye which makes this very first book an important one of a talented literary matua, a victor I hope to hear from again and again. It is delightful to read and hear where one’s life began. Humble beginnings!
Malo fai o le faiva.